Monday, December 23, 2013


1.  Can you Skype on Christmas Day?

2.  do you know about what time?
We are going to the home we are Skyping at, at around 12ish...

3.  Did you get the second Christmas box from us?
Yes I got both! :)

So things are going good down here... The past couple days it rained on and off... Still nothing compared to snow, but I don't mind... The drivers down here get really bad when it rains, I can't imagine what they would be like if it snowed... But it has been getting a little cooler down here (like 50's)... Doesn't feel like December though, but it feels normal to me... haha I'm glad i'm not coming home in the winter... I would die!

So its just been another week on the mission... Except for the fun surprise that we got! We found out we have bed bugs... I was making my bed one morning (I'm the only elder that I know that does that) and I saw a little bug on my blanket... I squished it and it exploded with blood... So I checked my box spring and sure enough there were little bugs down there... We had two companies come to estimate the place... It is not cheap to get these things gone... But we are getting them exterminated on the 26th! :) It'll be nice to sleep on a bed...

Other then that, its been a normal week... We have gone caroling a couple times and it has been pretty successful... We only had one guy shut the door on us... jerk... But everyone else was glad to see us and didn't mind that we were missionaries... :)

But life is good right now! Things continue to pick up and get better... :) I am looking forward to seeing you guys on CHRISTmas!!! I'll be Skypeing from Sells! haha I'm excited! :)

Well I'll see ya in a couple days! 

Love you all!!!

Elder Barlocker II

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