Monday, December 16, 2013

This winter stuff is really getting old! 12/16/2013

-How is my favorite missionary doing? Really, how are you?
I am doing great! This week has been filled with really good feelings and really awful feelings... But I talked to President Killpack and things are all good... :) I love being a missionary!!!

-So what's been going on in AZ? 
Really big coats! haha The people down here are whimps! haha Not that I have much room to speak, I have been wearing that sweater the past couple days... And the temps have been in the 50 and 60... I'm glad I'm not going home in the winter... haha
-Anything interesting, fun, spiritual, or just plain boring?
I had a cool experience the other day while teaching an investigator... I asked him a question but then realized right after I asked it, I didn't know how to answer it... haha I was freaking out inside, but just tried to stay calm... And when I had to answer him, I just started speaking and the words just came out and he understood... It was cool... :)
-What has been the good, bad, ugly?
The Good: the weather
The Bad: Appointments falling through...
The Ugly... Jessica?... idk At least the last time I saw her... :P

***Do you know where and when you will be able to Skype us on Christmas day?***
NOPE... :)
-So have you reached your goals of reading the BOM and Bible?
The BOM yes... I'm still working on the Bible... I'm just reading the new testament and should have it done by CHRISTmas eve... :)

-What are your highlights from the past week or two?
Just getting more work done and seeing more of the impact I have as a missionary... :) It's hard too see how much, even as members, of an impact we have on the people around us - and even ourselves sometimes... :)
-Investigators doing well?
Yup... :) They are all awesome!

-So what are your plans for this week?
Get work done and have fun! haha Nothing big this week planned, just the normal awesome lessons with great people!

-What are your plans for Christmas week - if you know yet?
All we have planned for that week is our dinners... Yet nobody is feeding us on CHRISTmas as of late... :\

But this week has been awesome! We walked in a parade down in Sahuarita and it took a whole like five min for the whole parade... It was really short but there were a lot of people seeing us! It was fun... :)
I can't believe that i'm so close to the end... These past few weeks have been the hardest yet most rewarding... I know if I didn't come on a mission, or even if I came home early, I wouldn't be doing the things I need to stay true... It's really tough, and I know we are all blessed to be member of the church! I hope everyone can jump on the challenge and finish the BOM before I get home! It'll be good and Moroni 10 has some great promises if you just do what it says! (and yes that was kinda directed toward Marci...) But I hope Kaitlyn, Jessica, Kevin, Nathan, and Dad also take the challenge...

Well my time is being cut short today... Hope all keeps going great! Keep being awesome!!!

Love you all!!!
Elder Barlocker II

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