Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Week Over! 4/22/2013

-What have you been up to this week?
More missionary work... Last Tuesday we had interviews with President Killpack and so I got to talk to him more about things that have been going on.

-Favorite part of this past week...
I would have to say interviews... Normally I would hate them but I got a lot off my chest and I had a good time.

-What can I send you? We are starting a package so ask away (within reason of course! )
More razors, my hard drive, keys to the Scion FR-S you guys bought me... (I saw a consumers report at a store in Willcox so I had to buy it... Now I am all up to date in the car world...)
THIS KID IS SO FUNNY! The only cars we buy our kids are HOTWHEELS! ;)

-Any lessons learned lately?
Not to dwell in the darkness... It really sucks everything good from all around you...

-Are you & E'Jonson getting along well?
Heck yes! We are having a grand old time while doing what we are supposed to do!

-Getting enough to eat & enough sleep?
We get plenty to eat, but I haven't been sleeping well since I was with E' W... A normal bedtime for me is 1:00 am... Even taking melatonin doesn't help...

-How are your shoes holding up?
Great! I think I might just use this one pair my whole mission. And I am glad I was taught how to polish them; a lot of the missionaries here do not know what that means...

-What is the weather in AZ like lately?
Freaking good! If it stayed like this the whole year it would be perfect! The only down part is we have been getting a lot of wind..

-Are your calf muscles getting solid?
Nope... We cover such a big area with no car so we get rides a lot. I have only ridden my bike once since I came here.

And as usual, I cannot remember what went on this week. The lack of sleep has been hard on me so I have a hard time focusing. I did clean the front part of the apartment! My comp. and his previous one didn't clean at all... So when I got here the apt. was filthy!!! There were dishes in the sink that smelled and there was junk all over the ground, it was horrible. I have a before and after pic attached, the before pic doesn't do it justice of how dirty it really was. But I got up one morning and decided I would clean, and ended up rearranging things! And that happened to be the day when the Willcox elders came for their temple trip, so they saw a clean apartment. And having E' Petersen from Willcox come visit made my week! But it made me want to go back there...

Well I really cannot remember what else went on... We got two new baptismal dates this week! And one of the guys set it so we didn't have too! The work is going good down here!

I hope everything is going well back home! Keep up that yard work, it’s looking good! ;)

Love you guys!!!

E' Barlocker II

P.S. Could I get Erik Jensen and G&G Willes' mission addresses please :)

1&2 Apt cleaning project
3 Me in district mtg. this week... :)

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