Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Here comes the YARD WORK!! 3/18/2013

5:40am scriptures....That is way too early to get up. I had to struggle with 6:30, I cannot imagine 5:40! But that is good that you guys get it done. A lot of people do not realize how important it is to read the scriptures. It brings so many blessings and helps make the week go by so much better.

And if I could I would be home right now doing some yard work. I really miss it. The weather has been pretty good and there is just a feel of 'yard work' when it is like it is. Then I think about sitting in the front of the house talking... then I stop thinking about it because it makes me trunky... :)

Today E' Woodland had a Dr. appointment up in Tucson, so that is where I am right now. We had to leave Willcox at about 7:30 to get here at 9:00 for is appointment. Then we went to the Cannatas, from my first area, for lunch! It was awesome! It is weird though, because even though I have been out of Willcox for a while, when I am here, it feels like I never left. I is all so 'normal' to me. The mission life is normal now. When I wake up a little late, I feel really off. It is going to be weird coming home and seeing what that is like again. And I have almost been out a whole year! In two months I will hit one year; it doesn't seem that long at all! Makes me want to work my hardest so I have nothing to regret.

And like I said, it has been warm down here. The other day it was in the 90's and it felt great. We always have our windows open when we drive. Speaking of driving, did I tell you E' Woodland got pulled over too?... He only got a warning for not stopping all the way at a stop sign, but it was just funny.

The work is going, just going. Nothing too special yet, but we have something planned with our ward mission leader to jump start mission work in the ward. It makes things hard when the people expect us to do everything. But we get what we can done. If what we do works, then I will let you guys know what goes on!

Well I hope everything goes well, as far as missionary work, back in Utah. Hope you guys are still doing great!
I Love You All!!!

E' Barlocker II

P.S. Pics to come next week. I kinda forgot things back in Willcox!

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