Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whats next? FALL??? 3/25/2013

How are things in the mission field?
They are going good. Things are getting a bit tough but I am getting through them!

Any new experiences?
I have been able to talk more freely. I came to realize that I have kind of a speech impediment, I stutter a bit and mumble a lot. But last night was a great experience, we were talking with a member about life and how things can get better and I said everything that was on my mind and I do not remember stuttering at all and not too much mumbling...

What have been your ups and downs?
The sky has been up and the ground has been down... But really other peoples problems have been the down side because there is a lot that I, as a missionary, cannot help with. But once they figure it out it make things so much better.

How are your contacts holding up? (need more)
I use them way too long so I still have a bunch... :)

Are transfers this next week?
I think so...

What have you done that was fun this past week?
Just having some time to sit and talk with the other set of missionaries in Willcox. We are way open about out problems and have a great relationship! And sometimes we have a little too much fun, but that is to be expected with 20 year old boys! ;)

Sending pics?

This week has been good. There is some problems that still need to be sorted out with some people but things are going good. Our ward mission leader called out the ward, in ward council, about how they were doing with missionary work. So things should look up soon!

Something weird that happened this week, we went with a less-active family to get some fire wood. And while we were chopping and cutting, I noticed my arms looked sun burnt We rode our bikes for the first time in a while that day, so it made sense; but still I have only been sun burnt once on my mission so far. And so I was kinda mad but forgot about it. Then I looked down and there was, what seemed to be a big bug bite, on my arm. Then I noticed little lumps all over my arms! Something in the area we were at made my arms break out in a rash... It was weird. Good thing it went away as we left...

So yeah other then that and having a dead jack rabbit on our hood this morning things have been going great!

Hope all keeps going well back home!

I love you all!!!

E' Barlocker II

1. The rabbit we found randomly on our hood this morning...
2. The Back of my iPod "Talk To The Pod"
3. E' Woodland, E' Mckenna, and I on our trip to Tucson!

4 & 5. We had our car painted and cleaned by some girls... We were having a lesson with her unbaptized brother and they wrote all over our car!!! Too bad I didn't get all of what they did...
6.Saw E' Childs in Tucson as well

Have a great week!

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