Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wonderful Conference! 4/8/2013

So how was conference?
It was good... Not much different than being at home... Would have been better if we had those conf. crosswords and stuff.
Where did you watch it & how much did you get to watch?
We watched it at a members home with 3 or 4 other sets of missionaries.
How are you & E' Johnson getting along?
Pretty good so far!
Where is he from & How long has he been out?
He has been out one more transfer then me and he is from K.
What is your new area like?
Like a new area... don't know where the heck I am 90% of the time and all that fun stuff... :)
Anything fun or down right horrible happen this past week?
I don't really remember what has gone on this week... But we just got back from a hike! It is the first one I have gone on for about 10 months... I would have some pics but i dropped my camera on the way up so I couldn't take any...
What about Investigators? Teaching anyone?
Since I got here we received two new ones!
Bike or car?
All bike... and we have the biggest area in our zone, we cover four wards!!!
Anything we can send you?
Not that I can think of right now... I will let you know though...
E Barlocker & E Johnson
(A member they had dinner with sent us this pic!  Thanks Bro. M!)
Yeah this week has been kinda a daze... We have been doing a lot and having a good time as well. The other night we went over to and investigators house to get a plan with him to quit smoking, and when we got there he already had the plan and was working on it. It is kinda cool to see that something you thought you might randomly do is Gods will. The work is going good in Safford!
But like I said we just got back from a hike. We drove all the way there then all jumped in the back of a pickup to go a little ways up the wash. I sat on the side of the bed and when we got to the end, I went to get my camera but it was gone. My first thought was "Oh crap, it fell out on the dirt road..." If anyone saw it after us I was pretty sure it was going to be gone forever... But I said a little prayer and asked God to keep it safe wherever it is and went on with the hike. Before we even left this morning for the hike, i decided to but a bandanna around my camera case; it is a very bright tie-die one and I didn't really know what I needed it for. But while we were driving back from the hike I saw a bright colored thing in the road... Without the bandanna I wouldn't have seem my camera, and we might have run it over. But I saw it, jumped out of the truck, everyone was staring at me like "WHAT THE?" and I got it! Good thing everything turned out good. I guess that is what happens when you put things in the Lords hands.... :)
Things are good. It is getting warmer here so the weather has been pretty nice lately. And things are going good after last transfer!
Well I hope everything continues to go good! It nice to see the front yard is done and all, whats the next project?...
Love you all!!!
E' Barlocker II
P.S. The computer I have right now isn't letting me add pictures so you might have to wait till next week... :(

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