Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Easter! 4/2/2013...TRANSFERS! :(

Sorry I didn't email yesterday. We got transfer calls Sunday night so yesterday we went around visiting people and all that. We ended up getting 'white-washed', both of us left and two new elders are coming in. It was really hard to leave Willcox. Too many good times and learning experiences.
Visiting Tucson!

But I guess the Lord knows what he is doing... :) Now I am in Safford/Thatcher area. I just got here today so I don't know where exactly but I am here. This is the Mormon ville of Arizona. It should be good for me...

Well other than that, things have been going great! The weather is awesome down here. We recently started riding bikes with a member (pics on FB I think...) and the other day we were sweating pretty bad because it got in the 90's! It felt great though. Plus it was the first time I have used my bike since being in Willcox... Glad I did bike riding back home, now I never get tired even after having a three month break from it. :)

Then ten months!?!?!? It doesn't seem that long at all... Dang in two months I will hit a year! That is crazy. Then it will feel like two more months after that I will be home... Time just flies as you get older. This last transfer flew by like nothing... I hate to see how fast this one goes...

Our district was awesome and I made some awesome friends that I could chill, and talk things over with. That is one good/bad thing about the mission, you make really good friends then you make not so good friends. I just reminds me everyday about what kind of people I want to surround myself with when I get home. I will talk more about what went on in a letter or something. :)

But I am starting new again! I hope things go down well. I have met my comp., E' Johnson, once before and blew his mind with a magic trick so we are not total strangers. And it turns out the two magicians in the mission are in the same zone, E' Mauhgn and me. There is a lot expected of us now... :) And I thought I would get out of doing it a lot with the new area and all... haha

So yeah, I am doing better now and kinda over leaving Willcox. Things should be good.

Love you guys, hope all stays well!

E' Barlocker II

P.S. Hey I noticed you haven't been updating my blog and website lately... Are you gunna keep that up or not? Cuz I told some people to follow it... Just checking ;)

P.P.S. So dad, the mission wasn't all fun and games. I have been having a hard time with things and was wondering what kind of thing you went through. Me and E' Petersen, from my Willcox district, were talking and didn't really know what you guys, our dads, went through on your missions. It would be nice to know if you went through some of the same struggles as we do.

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