Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Got your letter...4/15/2013

 Well things have been a little down lately. Although we did get two new investigators last week. There was a day set apart for only finding, so every companionship in the mission did finding activities that day. And being in Safford, we thought that kinda hard, but we looked through some former investigators, went to a lot of empty houses, then ended up with two news! And my buddy down in Willcox said he got four news! That is more impressive then us getting two here in “mormon ville”; I think I got a total of two news in Willcox the 41/2 months I was there. But here in Safford I cover four wards!!! It turns out we are the only companionship w/out a car, the most wards, and we cover 90% of Safford! We get rides a lot needless to say.

But things are going good. And for the life of me I cannot remember a dang thing that happened this week... This is getting annoying! Oh, we had our temple trip this week! It was awesome! I got some direct answers that I had been looking for for a while. And I noticed that I hate how God gives me answers, cuz they are never how I want then answers but now I notice they are always answered. Our session was at 8:00 am and when we got there, it’s about a 15 min drive, I realized I didn't have my recommend. So we drive back, got it and took out time driving back because the next session started at 9:45. But we got there at around 9:00, so the temple workers had us do some other things. We ended up doing a bunch of initiatory and a few baptisms plus a butt load of confirmations, which we did ourselves! It turned out to be awesome. Then the session we did has been one of the most enjoyable for me!

Well other then that I really cannot remember, for the life of me what happened this week... If I remember anything cool or out of the ordinary I will have to write you guys!

Hope all is going well back home! And the front yard pics look great! Seems like I am going to come home to a whole new home! You better leave some work for me to do... haha

Love you guys!!!
E' Barlocker II

P.S. Things I need... I could use some more shoe polish, but I really cannot think of anything else. I need need...

Me and E' Johnson on the temple trip
One of our members gardens... this is what I expect ours to look like when dad retires.. :)
A flower in said garden

Correction on the PICS, that is not a flower in his garden as you can tell. That is a flower in front of the temple...

Here are some pics from his garden...

Love you!

Haha, sorry for all the random little emails... I am sure you don't mind. But yesterday we had to give talks in sacrament meeting, and when we got there we found out we were the only two speakers... We didn't prepare very long talks at all, but we ended up filling the whole meeting. But anyways after sacrament meeting was over, a lady came up to me and asked if I knew an Erlyn Barlocker, I was like 'Yeah that is my aunt". Turns out she is her cousin. I cannot remember her last name but I know it started with an 'M'

Well anyways I thought that was cool!

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