Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NEON LIGHTS? Feb 18, 2013

The weather has been really good down here. I never thought I would be driving in January and February and have the windows down. Some of the times we are walking outside and I think to myself, "This would be perfect yard-work weather." I have been really wanting to do some yard work back home lately, never thought I would ever want to do that... I cannot wait to be back home, sitting in the front yard and do nothing right after some good yard work. I really don't have too much longer till I will be doing that. Time is going by so dang fast!
Last Saturday we had a baptism!!! It was the absolute best one I have ever been to. There was such excitement and the spirit was really strong! Plus Nancy, the one that got baptized, gave an amazing testimony/small-talk at the end which made it so much better. There were about 80 people in attendance we had to have the meeting in the chapel! And as a result of the baptism three people walked away wanting to see the missionaries. I will never forget that day it was awesome!
And last night we got transfer calls...
Luckily E' Woodland and I are staying together for at least one more!!! He will only be my second companion I have stayed more than six weeks with. And Willcox will be the only area I have served more then three months in! I am way excited!
Well, all is going great down here! Some things are changing and it looks to be an awesome transfer!
Hope all is going good for you all back in Utah! I LOVE YOU!!!
Elder Barlocker!!
P.S. Hey mom, pics are coming in another message... ;)
Baptism!! :)
Well balanced breakfast!

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