Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring is in the air!!! 3/11/2013

That would be nice if our ward did the 21 name list. We are having a hard time getting the ward into the work. They talk about it a lot but there isn't much 'doing' involved. Kinda makes things hard, especially in Willcox... Things are moving forward nonetheless. But once again the sickness has hit Willcox; and when one person gets sick, everyone gets sick and it slows things down for a bit. E' Woodland got sick and is still sick. We still seem to get things done even when bad things are happening.

This week has been good. We have had to deal with some stupid, but things seem to work themselves out. We have been having a lot of fun doing the work down here. I think this is my favorite area so far. A lot of the missionaries here cannot wait to get out of Willcox, but I don't want to leave. Things are going good in Arizona!

Nothing too exciting has gone on. But we have just been doing the work as much as we can. Trying to help those around us.

That's funny that Ed has more policies then Brian. Things just seem to happen when you are doing what is right. Imagine how many you all would get if everyone was going to church and all that. It would be incredible! Our most recent convert has been a great example of how the gospel blesses lives. She sees how our Heavenly Father helps her in everything and tells everyone about it!

Well let me get my camera out so I can send some pics. I will have to do another email with those.

Hope all continues to go well! I am going great down here!

Love you all!!!

E' Barlocker II

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